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yuncaifeiyangscore:4.5 / 52022-01-23
as always
tonny19790103score:4.5 / 52022-01-21
The facilities are less than five stars. There is no bathtub, electronic scale, clock... But the room is big enough and has a balcony. It is surrounded by a sports park. The hotel is very popular. The five-star buffet is so crowded that there are no seats. Obviously, it has the advantages of region and price.
cyniconescore:4.8 / 52022-01-21
Very good, the price is cheap, and the buffet is also very good
e00143862score:5.0 / 52022-01-20
Very good. The front desk service is very friendly and professional. The room is very large and has a balcony. I'll stay there next time
astronomerscore:5.0 / 52022-01-19
It's provided by China Holiday, [view more reviews].